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Possible Future Directions for Australia Post

Project Member(s): Josserand, E., Agarwal, R., Howard, J.

Funding or Partner Organisation: McKell Institute

Start year: 2014

Summary: "Possible Future Directions for Australia Post" will prepare a report that: ¿ Considers an appropriate future direction for Australia Post. ¿ Considers possible future avenues for new forms of service delivery, whilst also examining other options for generating new revenue streams. ¿ Closely examines the existing body of publicly available research and data and future challenges facing Australia Post and other postal entities abroad. ¿ Makes recommendations that will help position Australia Post as a financially healthy essential services provider.

Keywords: service delivery, postal services, business development, financially viable

FOR Codes: Innovation and Technology Management, Postal and Package Services (incl. Courier Services), Business and Management, Technological and Organisational Innovation