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Investigating mobile intensive pedagogies in schools.

Project Member(s): Schuck, S., Maher, D., Kearney, M., Aubusson, P.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Microsoft Pty Ltd (Microsoft Partnership Funding)

Start year: 2014

Summary: This project will investigate the use and benefits of new and emerging technologies (mobile devices, applications and services) for teaching and learning. We propose an initial research project in collaboration with Microsoft that seeks to understand the following two questions: 1. How do mobile intensive pedagogies contribute to quality of teaching and learning? 2. How do student and teacher practices and understandings develop when mobile intensive pedagogies are used to promote effective teaching and quality learning? The research team has identified three secondary schools who are eager to develop their use of mobile devices and other technologies. The research team will support and advance technology-enhanced learning in the national priority areas of mathematics and science in each of the three schools and conduct research on this intervention to address the two research questions above. The project will focus on developing maths and science teachers┬┐ understandings and knowledge about innovative ways of using technology and software to enhance the teaching of maths and science. Within each school, maths and science teachers will be invited to join an action learning team (Aubusson et al., 2010). The action learning teams will serve to support teachers as they learn to employ mobile devices, with support from Microsoft staff. Each will be facilitated by a member of the research team. The duration of the action learning interventions will be approximately 10 weeks, with meetings negotiated with teachers. The teachers will share and reflect on experiences. Action learning meetings will be audio-recorded and conversations analysed to identify developments that occur in exploiting mobile pedagogies, the ways in which they impact on teachers┬┐ planning for use in and outside the classroom; and to explicate the factors that influence developments.


Maher, D, Schuck, S & Perry, R 2017, 'Investigating Knowledge Exchange amongst School Teachers, University Teacher Educators and Industry Partners.', Australian Journal of Teacher Education, vol. 42, no. 3, pp. 73-90.
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Schuck, SR, Maher, D & Perry, R Microsoft Corporation 2016, Moving classrooms to Third Space Learning, pp. 1-28, Sydney.

FOR Codes: Educational Technology and Computing, Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators, Teacher and Instructor Development, Teaching and Instruction Technologies