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Investigate remote sensing and smart monitoring approaches to Water Quality Management

Project Member(s): Sandrasegaran, K., Kong, X., Mukheibir, P.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Water Research Australia Limited
Ecoseal Developments Pty Ltd
Queensland Bulk Water Supply Authority (Seqwater)
Hunter Water Corporation (Hunter Water)

Start year: 2015

Summary: Water quality is central to the integrity of the environment as well as to supply for our needs for drinking water and agriculture. Remote monitoring of water resources and infrastructure is becoming increasingly necessary to carefully monitor wildlife, feral animals, pest plants, detection of unauthorized access to the catchment areas and water sources, and determine the impact of bushfires, flooding, logging, coal seam gas (CSG) and pollution in catchment areas. Recent advances in sensor technologies, signal processing, embedded computing, wireless communication, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and other smart technologies offer water managers cost effective and real-time management strategies for water quality in their catchments and across their networks. This project will review, report, and recommend new approaches to enhance rapid and cost-effective management of water and wastewater distribution systems using remote monitoring technologies. The review will include a comprehensive study of current remote monitoring techniques in military, electrical utilities, oil and gas fields. The final report will inform water managers of the limitations and opportunities of remote sensing and other smart systems for water quality management, along with a cost comparison of competing technologies. This project will draw upon the research team¿s expertise and knowledge in a number of projects involving remote sensing and smart monitoring such as: (a) development of next generation water quality loggers for sustainable management of groundwater resources in remote locations; (b) performance testing of broadband networks in remote locations; and (c) pedestrian monitoring and tracking on George Street in Sydney CBD for the City of Sydney. The research team is in the process of building and testing UAVs for industrial applications.

Keywords: Remote Sensing, Water Quality management, CRIN, Water Research Australia

FOR Codes: Physical and Chemical Conditions of Water for Urban and Industrial Use, Distributed Computing