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Effects of Bias Potentials on Tethered Lipid Bilayers

Project Member(s): Cranfield, C., Valenzuela, S., Cornell, B.

Funding or Partner Organisation: The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (Bragg Institute)

Start year: 2015

Summary: The present study seeks to address the effect on both the spacing and volume of the tBLM reservoir due to the application of a bias potential between the supporting gold electrode and the bulk of the bathing electrolyte solution. This information will elucidate the origin of the effects in which the membrane conduction is substantially altered through the application of different bias potentials. We sought beam time at the PLATYPUS Neutron Reflectometry facility at ANSTO to conduct the necessary experiments to acheive this.


Cranfield, CG, Berry, T, Holt, SA, Hossain, KR, Le Brun, AP, Carne, S, Al Khamici, H, Coster, H, Valenzuela, SM & Cornell, B 2016, 'Evidence of the Key Role of H3O+ in Phospholipid Membrane Morphology', LANGMUIR, vol. 32, no. 41, pp. 10725-10734.
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Keywords: Tethered Memebranes, Neutron Scttering,

FOR Codes: Biological Physics, Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences