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COMPARE- Constraint Induced or Multi-Modal aphasia rehabilitation: An RCT of therapy for stroke related chronic

Project Member(s): Rai, T.

Funding or Partner Organisation: National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC Project Grants)

Start year: 2015

Summary: This 3-arm prospective randomized controlled trial (RCT) aims to i) determine whether two novel, intensive and contrasting treatments for chronic post-stroke aphasia, multi-modal aphasia treatment (M-MAT) and constraint induced aphasia therapy (CIAT), are superior to non-standardized, limited aphasia therapy (usual care: UC), and ii) define participant characteristics that determine the comparative responsiveness to M-MAT and CIAT. The efficacy of CIAT (arm 1) and M-MAT (arm 2) will be evaluated relative to the UC (arm 3) in terms of i) reduction in aphasia impairment as measured on standardized aphasia tests, and ii) improvement in the accuracy and efficiency of connected speech in conversation. This project will determine (i) patient characteristics associated with treatment response, (ii) the most suitable treatment for particular patient sub-groups, (iii) the longer-term efficacy of the interventions (at 12 weeks post treatment), (iv) the quality of life outcomes for people with aphasia, and (v) the cost effectiveness of the interventions.


Rose, ML, Copland, D, Nickels, L, Togher, L, Meinzer, M, Rai, T, Cadilhac, DA, Kim, J, Foster, A, Carragher, M, Hurley, M & Godecke, E 2019, 'Constraint-induced or multi-modal personalized aphasia rehabilitation (COMPARE): A randomized controlled trial for stroke-related chronic aphasia.', International Journal of Stroke, vol. 14, no. 9, pp. 972-976.
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Ciccone, N, West, D, Cream, A, Cartwright, J, Rai, T, Granger, A, Hankey, GJ & Godecke, E 2016, 'Constraint-induced aphasia therapy (CIAT): a randomised controlled trial in very early stroke rehabilitation', APHASIOLOGY, vol. 30, no. 5, pp. 566-584.
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FOR Codes: Rehabilitation and Therapy (excl. Physiotherapy), Allied Health Therapies (excl. Mental Health Services)