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Improving Sentencing Processes Through the Provision of Aboriginal Pre-Sentencing Reports

Project Member(s): Anthony, T.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration

Start year: 2015

Summary: Funding for scoping work for a major pilot project to commence in 2016. The pilot will examine whether Indigenous community involvement in the preparation of pre-sentencing reports could improve the sentencing process by providing courts with a fuller set of information regarding the material facts relevant to the offender and the offence and a broader set of community-based sentencing options. This scoping phase will: (1) acquire and analyse base-line qualitative data on best practices to account for Aboriginality in sentencing, in order to (2) develop a methodology for piloting and evaluating the use of community pre-sentencing reports.


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FOR Codes: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Law, Access to Justice, Criminal Law and Procedure, Criminal Justice, Rehabilitation and Correctional Services, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Development and Welfare