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Innovation Capability and the Food Beverage and agri-business sectors

Project Member(s): Agarwal, R., Brown, P., Bajada, C., Green, R.

Funding or Partner Organisation: The Hargraves Institute (The Hargraves Institute Partnership Fund)

Start year: 2015

Summary: UTS Business will conduct new analysis to add to the Management matters 2009 research study using the same dataset. This analysis will be conducted for ANZSIC ciode 21, food and beverage sector to address the follwoign questions: 1. How does the food sector performance compare to general manufacturing performance in Australia? 2. How does the food sector compare to international experience? 3. What are the parameters the drive productivity performance and which of these parameters require attention in the food sector. Having done that is analysis, a short report with recommendations will be developed and delivered to by end of March 2015. The research findings and resulting report will pave a future research pathway for FAIL to adopt, specifically for the Australian food, beverage and agri-business sector within the manufacturing sector.


Green, R, Agarwal, R, Brown, PJ, Bajada, C & Shashnov, M Hargraves Institute and Food and Innovation Australia Ltd (FIAL) 2015, Innovation Capability and the Food Beverage and agri-business sectors.

Keywords: capability, leadership and management capability

FOR Codes: Business and Management, Management