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Measuring the impact of the TCRN Qstream Pain Assessment Intervention @ 2 years.

Project Member(s): Phillips, J., Heneka, N.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Cancer Institute NSW (Translational Cancer Research Network)
New Organisation (New Fund Source)

Start year: 2015

Summary: The TCRN follow up project will measure both evidence of impact and sustainability of the QStream Pain Assessment Intervention. We will re-survey all TCRN nurses that provide inpatient cancer care using the same pain assessment capability survey tool. We will add in an additional question seeking their awareness of the project, and perceptions as to whether and how the intervention has impacted their pain assessment clinical practice. Given nursing attrition rates we will determine the number of participants who are still employed across the 4 sites. We will audit the medical records of all in-patient on participating wards who had cancer pain over a one month period (maximum 20 charts/site), using the same methodology and audit tool as previously. These chart audits will identify: pain screening practices on admission; location of pain score documentation; elements of pain assessment documented (e.g., pain score, location, radiation, aggravating and alleviating factors, quality, severity, timing and pain reassessment frequency) and use of pain assessment tools. These results will be compared to the T4 chart audit data in the original study to identify changes in pain assessment practices. Sites will be limited to Prince of Wales Hospital Oncology; Royal Hospital for Women, Macquarie Ward; St George Hospital Oncology and Sutherland Hospital, Gunyah Ward.


Phillips, JL, Heneka, N, Hickman, L, Lam, L & Shaw, T 2017, 'Can A Complex Online Intervention Improve Cancer Nurses’ Pain Screening and Assessment Practices? Results from a Multicenter, Pre-post Test Pilot Study', Pain Management Nursing, vol. 18, no. 2, pp. 75-89.
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Keywords: cancer pain, pain assessment, spaced learning

FOR Codes: Public Health and Health Services not elsewhere classified, Cancer and Related Disorders, Public health not elsewhere classified, Clinical health