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Student Engagement in University Decision-Making and Governance: Towards a More Systemically Inclusive Student Voice

Project Member(s): Waite, K., Olliffe, B., Cahill, A., Varnham, S.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Office for Learning & Teaching (Department of Education and Training) (OLT Strategic Priority Commissioned Projects)

Start year: 2014

Summary: The project will develop processes for a more systemic inclusion of student voice in decision-making and governance at all levels in Australian universities. Final Report due 21/11/2016 but project cannot be completed until final financial acquittal is submitted on 6/02/2017


Varnham, S, Olliffe, B, Waite, K & Cahill, A Department of Education and Training Commonwealth of Australia 2017, Student Engagement In University Decision-Making And Governance – Towards A More Systemically Inclusive Student Voice, Australia.

Varnham, S, Waite, K, Olliffe, B & Cahill, A 2016, 'Student engagement in university decision-making and governance: How does Australia compare internationally?', Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia Annual conference, Fremantle, Australia.

Varnham, S, Waite, KM, Olliffe, B & Cahill, A 2015, 'Building the argument for more systemic student voice in university governance and decision-making in Australia: Learnings from the UK', Converging Concepts in global Higher Education Research: Local, national and international perspectives, Society for Research into Higher Education Annual Research Conference, Newport, Wales, United Kingdom.

Keywords: governance, student engagement, university decision-making, student voice, student experience

FOR Codes: Law, Higher Education, School/Institution Policies and Development