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Designing and Building Novel 2D Hybrid Materials

Funding: 2016: $62,397
2017: $62,397
2018: $62,397

Project Member(s): Ford, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Discovery Projects)

Start year: 2016

Summary: The aim of this project is to use computational and experimental techniques to discover and fabricate new hybrid materials. Single-layer (2D) materials like graphene have gained prominence and new ones are constantly being reported. Hybrid materials built from combinations of 2D layers are appearing but progress is slow. The significance of this project is that it will allow speed-up in the discovery and fabrication of hybrids. The outcome will be an extensive database of materials properties, clear direction on how to control material properties and manufacturing protocols to build a wide range of new materials which could be used in Australian industry for new product lines.


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View/Download from: Publisher's site

Reimers, JR, Tawfik, SA & Ford, MJ 2018, 'van der Waals forces control ferroelectric–antiferroelectric ordering in CuInP2S6 and CuBiP2Se6 laminar materials', Chemical Science, vol. 9, pp. 7620-7627.
View/Download from: Publisher's site

Ren, W, Wen, S, Tawfik, SA, Su, QP, Lin, G, Ju, LA, Ford, MJ, Ghodke, H, van Oijen, AM & Jin, D 2018, 'Anisotropic functionalization of upconversion nanoparticles.', Chemical science, vol. 9, no. 18, pp. 4352-4358.
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Tawfik, SA, Reimers, JR, Stampfl, C & Ford, MJ 2018, 'Van der Waals Forces Control the Internal Chemical Structure of Monolayers within the Lamellar Materials CuInP2S6 and CuBiP2Se6', Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol. 122, no. 39, pp. 22675-22687.
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Tawfik, SA, Stampfl, C & Ford, MJ 2018, 'Superconductivity in intercalated buckled two-dimensional materials: KGe2.', Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP, vol. 20.
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Zhu, L, Lem, LLC, Nguyen, TP, Fair, K, Ali, S, Ford, MJ, Phillips, MR & Ton-That, C 2017, 'Indirect excitons in hydrogen-doped ZnO', Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, vol. 50, no. 11.
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Keywords: Two-Dimensional Materials, Van der Waals heterostructures, materials science, nanotechnology

FOR Codes: Nanochemistry and Supramolecular Chemistry, Condensed Matter Modelling and Density Functional Theory, Physical Chemistry of Materials, Expanding Knowledge in the Chemical Sciences, Expanding Knowledge in the Physical Sciences