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Investigation of fatigue properties of direct metal laser sintered parts for automotive applications - ID1502

Project Member(s): Brown, T.

Funding or Partner Organisation: AutoCRC Ltd

Start year: 2015

Summary: Knowledge of fatigue properties and performance of 3D direct metal laser sintered (DMLS) metal alloys is at present limited. This lack of data hinders the ability of design engineers to adequately design components for dynamic applications such as those found in the automotive industry. This subsequently limits the ability of the automotive industry to take full advantage of this manufacturing technique to produce lightweight and structurally efficient components. Scope: ¿ Literature review of fatigue properties and testing methods for laser sintered metal alloys ¿ Design of test specimen suitable for use in dynamic shaker fatigue test rig at UTS ¿ Modification and setup of test rig to suit required fatigue tests ¿ Carry out fatigue testing and generate data suitable for use in component design in automotive and other dynamic loading applications

Keywords: fatigue, direct metal laser sintering, automotive

FOR Codes: Automotive Engineering Materials, Automotive Equipment, Automotive engineering materials