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3D imaging for phenotypic trait estimation of beef and sheep carcasses

Project Member(s): Alempijevic, A.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Meat and Livestock Australia Limited RDC (Meat and Livestock Australia Scholarship)

Start year: 2015

Summary: Estimating lean meat yield for both the sheep and beef industries has the potential to increase profitability for the red meat industry by implementing a quantitative grading method into the meat processing sector. The projects builds upon previous research using 3D cameras to estimate phenotypic prediction traits in live beef cattle and extends the work to estimate protein in beef and lamb carcasses. In developing the technology for point of measurement carcass trait estimation, this project will enable quantitative measures for yield assessment and inputs to grading/condition scoring process of live animals. This will in turn make lifecycle monitoring of animals traits and health monitoring in on farm management practises feasible in the near future.


Rahman, S, Quin, P, Walsh, T, Vidal-Calleja, T, McPhee, MJ, Toohey, E & Alempijevic, A 2018, 'Preliminary estimation of fat depth in the lamb short loin using a hyperspectral camera', Animal Production Science, vol. 58, no. 8, pp. 1488-1488.
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Keywords: carcass traits, estimation, senor fusion, robotics, image processing, phenotype trait, RDC

FOR Codes: Adaptive Agents and Intelligent Robotics, Animal Production not elsewhere classified, Image Processing, Animal Production and Animal Primary Products not elsewhere classified, Sheep - Meat, Beef Cattle, Intelligent robotics, Other animal production and animal primary products, Livestock raising