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Forensic Science Research - Bulgin Fund

Project Member(s): Roux, C.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Estate of Peter John Bulgin

Start year: 2015

Summary: Monies will be allocated to priority areas of the UTS Centre for Forensic Science, Faculty of Science to fulfill the intentions of the estate of the late Peter John Bulgin, namely, to assist in the finding of guilt or innocence or persons charged with criminal offences. The Centre is the premiere forensic science education and research facility in Australia. It gathers academics and associate industry partners who share the vision that crime reduction, crime solving and national security in general are important for society, and that there are great benefits for Australia in modern and validated scientific techniques, processes and policies for the prevention and investigation of crime and terrorism. Funding areas of strategic significance for the Centre will ultimately improve the reliability of forensic examinations and, as a result, increase the confidence in the overall criminal justice system to rightly prosecute and convict guilty people and exonerate innocents. The benefits to society at large will be significant.


Khuu, A, Spindler, X & Roux, C 2020, 'Detection of latent fingermarks and cells on paper', Forensic Science International, vol. 309, pp. 110185-110185.
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Ueland, M, Howes, JM, Forbes, SL & Stuart, BH 2017, 'Degradation patterns of natural and synthetic textiles on a soil surface during summer and winter seasons studied using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy', Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, vol. 185, pp. 69-76.
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Keywords: Forensic science, prosecution, exoneration, forensic intelligence, forensic taphonomy, forensic biology

FOR Codes: Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Biology, Forensic Statistics, Law Enforcement, Forensic evaluation, inference and statistics