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The marine productivity buoy: a multi-parametric underwater profilerĀ 

Project Member(s): Suggett, D., Doblin, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Infrastructure)

Start year: 2016

Summary: The marine productivity buoy is an innovative multi-parametric moored underwater profiler that would provide key information on phytoplankton primary productivity (PP), phytoplankton blooms, and water quality in coastal waters around Australia. The aim is to better understand changes in phytoplankton PP and abundance by synergistically using observations from the new facility made several times a day from the surface to the seafloor, and spatially extended surface observations from Earth-orbiting ocean colour satellites. Anticipated outcomes are more accurate phytoplankton PP estimates and water quality parameters in Australian coastal waters in support to research and to monitoring of these critical environments.

FOR Codes: Biological Oceanography, Environmental Monitoring, Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Marine Environments, Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Coastal and Estuarine Environments, Marine Oceanic Processes (excl. climate related)