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Fostering Future Leaders Grant

Project Member(s): Ferguson, C.

Funding or Partner Organisation: National Stroke Foundation (Stroke Foundation - Small Project Grants)

Start year: 2015

Summary: 1 off grant to enable travel, leadership training, and formal mentoring. The NSF Fostering Future Leader Grant would enable to undertake a brief research visit to the School of Nursing, at John┬┐s Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. I have developing research collaborations with Associate Professor Cheryl Dennison Himmelfarb, and Dean Patricia Davidson of whom I have previously published clinical research findings in reputable peer reviewed journals. The proposed trip to Johns Hopkins University and Hospital will assist in my growth and development as an early career nurse researcher who aims to specialise in stroke research post PhD. This trip will enable me to cement collegial relationships with the Stroke Prevention Recover Center, The Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality and the School of Nursing. Tangible outputs from this visit would include 1) the development of 2 grant applications 2) one peer reviewed journal article. The few years post-doctoral are particularly important in growing me to becoming an independent researcher, and in growing my own program of research. This visit will allow me to reach out with an internationally recognised stroke centre of excellence, and to bring this knowledge and experience back to Australia. Within the next few years, I intend to apply for national and internationally competitive health and medical research funding. This trip will support me in growing my research capacity, and aide opportunities to produce journal papers and apply for competitive funding for vital stroke research.


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FOR Codes: Nursing, Health and Support Services