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Superresolution fluorescence imaging in microbiology (LE160100127 - led by University of Wollongong)

Project Member(s): Whitchurch, C., Harry, E., Tatian, R.

Funding or Partner Organisation: University of Wollongong
Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Infrastructure)

Start year: 2016

Summary: Visualisation of the structure and dynamics of intracellular assemblies is of importance to understand the functioning of proteins in the context of the living cell. This proposal describes the purchase of new and the upgrading of existing cutting-edge fluorescence imaging tools to facilitate the study of intracellular processes in bacterial systems at significantly higher spatial and temporal resolutions than hitherto possible. In particular, the purchase is proposed of a fast superresolution imaging system to study the intracellular dynamics of proteins and a superresolution microscope to visualise structures and assemblies inside bacterial systems with a resolution of a few 10s of nanometers.

Keywords: super-resolution microscopy

FOR Codes: Bacteriology, Enzymes, Biological Physics, Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences, Expanding Knowledge in the Medical and Health Sciences, Expanding Knowledge in the Chemical Sciences, Bacteriology , EXPANDING KNOWLEDGE