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Advanced Immunogenic Lifting Devices for Fingerprint Detection 

Project Member(s): Roux, C., Spindler, X.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office (US Govt) (Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office Fund)
Defence Science and Technology Group of the Department of Defence (Defence Science and Technology Organisation of the Department of Defence)

Start year: 2015

Summary: The overall aim of this project is to produce a portable immunogenic impregnated lifting device for fingermark detection on difficult surfaces. The lifting device will be composed of a luminescent antibody- and/or aptamer-impregnated membrane that will selectively lift and develop latent fingermarks in one step. The lifted latent fingermark can then be visualized and photographed using standard fingermark imaging equipment. This project will ultimately deliver a prototype novel, portable fingermark detection device for immediate application in forensic and covert intelligence fields.

Keywords: fingerprint detection

FOR Codes: Forensic Chemistry, Law Enforcement