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Balancing person centric and team centric leadership in projects

Project Member(s): Sankaran, S., Nikolova, N.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Project Management Institute

Start year: 2016

Summary: Recent years have shown a growing diversity of perspectives towards leadership in projects. The traditional person centered or vertical leadership approaches (e.g. Turner & Müller, 2006) are increasingly supplemented by team centered, horizontal, or shared leadership approaches (e.g. Lindgren & Packendorff, 2009). Leadership in the former case ¿stems from an appointed or formal leader of a team¿, and in the latter case ¿is a group process in which leadership is distributed among, and stems from, team members¿ (Pearce & Sims, 2002, p.172). Within this duality of perspectives, related studies in the context of project management tend to polarize towards one side of the spectrum rather than integrate the two perspectives into a holistic understanding of leadership in projects. This polarization is neither of practical value, as both forms of leadership co-exist in projects, nor of academic value for understanding the comprehensive role of leadership in projects. Moreover, recent developments in general management emphasize the importance of understanding the relationship between people centered and team centered leadership and the balance of both approaches in corporate reality (Burke, Fiore, & Salas, 2003; Edmonson, 2012).


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FOR Codes: Building Construction Management and Project Planning, Management