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Design and implementation of the Better Practice Review Program

Funding or Partner Organisation: Blacktown City Council (Blacktown City Council Partnership Funding)

Start year: 2015

Summary: Blacktown City Council engaged the Centre to assist with the design and implementation of a consistent methodology that will become the Better Practice Review (BPR) program. The BPR program will aim to drive more efficient use of council¿s resources whilst providing services that address the needs of the community. Better Practice Reviews also identify potential business improvement and efficiency opportunities ¿ including the adoption of emerging technologies and automated processes. The BPR program will encapsulate a service delivery review methodology that applies an evidence-based approach that interrogates all aspects of Council¿s services. The Centre will undertake an analysis of key Council documentation, business data and relevant benchmarks, along with workshops involving Council staff, to inform the development of the BPR program manual and tools. The Centre will then assist Council with subsequent piloting, refining and training to launch the BPR program across all services. It is anticipated that the BPR program will provide to Council an ongoing mechanism to review services as well as other corporate-wide priorities for business improvement, such as customer service and project management; identify relevant improvements in both efficiency and effectiveness; be based on an established service review framework that has a proven record of use and suitability in local government; and ensure that Council is able to benchmark the performance of its services, both internally (performance over time) and externally (against appropriate industry standards or other comparatives ¿ regional, national or international).

FOR Codes: Public Administration, Structure, Delivery and Financing of Community Services, Structure, delivery and resourcing