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Rural Council Sustainability Project

Funding or Partner Organisation: Municipal Association Of Victoria

Start year: 2014

Summary: The Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) has been engaged by Rural Council's Victoria to conduct the first stage of a broader project aimed at strengthening the sustainability of RCV¿s 38 constituent council¿s (known as the Rural Council Sustainability Project). The Project is grounded in the desire for a coordinated approach, with collective agreement amongst key stakeholder groups, including other state and federal government agencies, local government bodies and local communities. The first stage of the Rural Council Sustainability Project is centred on developing a shared sector position and agreement on the demographic, spatial and financial position of the RCV 38 constituent councils, as well as a `short list¿ of options for strengthening strategic capacity (encompassing strategic leadership, governance arrangements, shared systems and benchmarks, deliver improved coordination, achieving economies of scale and scope, and other arrangements for delivering more effective local government).

FOR Codes: Public Administration, Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis