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Development and preliminary trial of an on-line vocational program for Australian adults with spinal cord injury

Project Member(s): Kneebone, I.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Lifetime Support Authority of South Australia

Start year: 2016

Summary: We plan to perform two detailed studies with established methodological approaches to address our three aims: to examine facilitators of and barriers to work force participation in community-dwelling individuals with SCI; to examine the feasibility of on-line vocational rehabilitation programmes; and to create a detailed picture of service delivery in vocational rehabilitation. At the conclusion of these studies we will have assembled a pool of data relating to vocational rehabilitation that will inform public policy.


Dorstyn, D, Roberts, R, Murphy, G, Kneebone, I, Craig, A, Chur-Hansen, A, Migliorini, C, Potter, E, Marshall, R, Clark, J, Neeson, S & Stewart, P 2017, 'Can targeted job-information for adults with spinal cord dysfunction be effectively delivered online? A pilot study.', Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine, pp. 1-8.
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FOR Codes: Psychology, Teaching and Instruction