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Assessing the Junglefy novel green wall system for improving indoor air quality

Project Member(s): Torpy, F., Gladstone, W.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Junglefy Pty Ltd
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (Department of Industry Partnership Fund)

Start year: 2015

Summary: The proposed project will provide a thorough assessment of the capacity of the Junglefy green wall system to improve the two major components of indoor air pollution, along with an assessment of its aerobiological safety. The project will be performed in three distinct sections: 1. Microbiological safety of the system 2. Air quality bioamelioration capacity of the system 3. Optimisation of the operating parameters of the system and field trials


Paull, NJ, Irga, PJ & Torpy, FR 2017, 'Active green wall technology for the phytoremediation of indoor air pollutants', Green Infrastructure: Nature Based Solutions for Sustainable and Resilient Cities.
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Irga, PJ, Pettit, TJ, Paull, N & Torpy, FR 2017, 'Functional green infrastructure for sustainable urban environmental quality'.
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Abdo, P, Huynh, BP, Avakian, V, Nguyen, TT, Gammon, J, Torpy, FR & Irga, PJ 2016, 'Measurement of air flow through a green-wall module', Proceedings of the 20th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, Australasian Fluid Mechanics Society, Perth.
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Keywords: urban horticulture, air pollution

FOR Codes: Horticultural Crop Growth and Development, Horticultural Production not elsewhere classified, Ornamentals, Natives, Flowers and Nursery Plants, Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Urban and Industrial Environments