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Assessment and Appraisal of Hansen Yuncken Hiway Platform

Project Member(s): Jupp, J., MacDonald, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd (Hansen Yuncken Funding)

Start year: 2015

Summary: This project will entail an independent critical assessment of the HYway Platform developed by Hansen and Yuncken. The software combines geographic and building-level data with other project management tools to manage time, cost, quality, logistics, and other performance indicators. The project will provide a technical and scientific review of the overall HYway Platform and the core R&D activities for the 2013-2014 period. The review will provide an independent assessment and appraisal of HYway research quality and methodological rigor. The review will also provide a benchmark of comparable research literature and expert testimony on current comparable and state of industry initiatives, highlighting the inherent challenges surrounding data and process integration relative to HYway functionality and the core R&D objectives. The assessment will include an overview of the type and level of innovation resulting from the HYway Project's R&D activities and discuss the new knowledge created relative to the related research domains. This assessment and appraisal will offer an evidence-based evaluation of where the HYway Platform exceeds or fails to reach international performance standards. The research will provide an objective basis for identifying ways in which the software might be improved, and the research questions that might guide such improvements.


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FOR Codes: Built Environment and Design not elsewhere classified, Information Systems Development Methodologies, Construction Processes, Other built environment and design not elsewhere classified, Information systems development methodologies and practice