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Rapid CYBERNOSE ® detection of illicit drugs and precursor chemicals

Funding: 2016: $75,000
2017: $150,000
2018: $50,000

Project Member(s): Roux, C.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Projects)
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
Australian Federal Police
Grey Innovation Pty Ltd
Victoria Police
NSW Health Pathology

Start year: 2016

Summary: The need for rapid, non-contact screening devices to detect and identify illicit drugs and precursors entering our borders has never been greater. This project aims to develop a novel biosensor prototype that can rapidly identify volatile traces of illicit drugs and precursor chemicals in concealed environments. The biosensor will be based on the superior CYBERNOSE® technology. This technology employs sensors, using the highly sophisticated and sensitive olfactory receptors of microscopic nematode worms, linked to an optoelectronic detector. Law enforcement agencies will directly benefit from the capability to more rapidly screen people and cargo, improving efficiency of illicit drug detection and protection of our borders.

Keywords: drug detection, volatiles, biosensor, olfactory receptors, forensic chemistry, law enforcement

FOR Codes: Industrial Biotechnology Diagnostics (incl. Biosensors), Forensic Chemistry, Law Enforcement