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Penrith City Council Service Delivery Reviews

Funding or Partner Organisation: Penrith City Council (Penrith City Council Consultancy Fund)

Start year: 2014

Summary: The population of the Penrith LGA is expected to increase by over 10% over the next fifteen years and this anticipated growth requires Penrith City Council (PCC) to think strategically about its service delivery functions in terms of costs, efficiencies, effectiveness and potential opportunities for additional revenue. In responding to this need, PCC engaged the Centre to design a service review methodology and tool, provide training to the internal PCC review team, undertake three service reviews, benchmark service delivery models and develop recommendations for the future of service delivery and the review process at PCC.

Keywords: service delivery, local government, service efficiency, benchmarking service delivery, service review methodology, service review tool

FOR Codes: Public Administration, Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis