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Strategic Evaluation of Great Eastern Ranges Initiative

Project Member(s): Ryan, R., Lawrie, A.

Funding or Partner Organisation: NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage)

Start year: 2015

Summary: On behalf of the five lead partners of the Great Eastern Ranges (GER) initiative, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage engaged the Centre to undertake Phase 1 of a strategic review. The strategic review developed a future roadmap for the initiative, with a particular focus on governance, program delivery and funding models. Phase 1 considered the outcomes achieved by the initiative, it's ongoing value proposition, and alternative funding, delivery and governance models that deliver a more sustainable and secure future for the initiative. The methodology included 40 in-depth interviews with key stakeholders and a workshop with 40 stakeholders. Project outputs included a discussion guide to inform workshop discussions, and recommendations on a value proposition that appeals to private and philanthropic investors, funding models and governance structures for both corporate and on the ground program delivery activities.

FOR Codes: Environment Policy, Environmental Policy, Legislation and Standards not elsewhere classified