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Paris Project

Project Member(s): Foley, C., Edwards, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Joint Meetings Industry Council

Start year: 2016

Summary: JMIC have asked the UTS Business School to lead a global project – the Paris Project. The project includes the formation of a panel to oversee the systematic collection of data from invested meetings destinations. The project will incorporate methodological steps for the collection of case studies as well as other issues worthy of consideration (e.g. innovative models for staging meetings), and provide an exemplary approach to tackling an absence of robust and reliable data in understanding the wider impacts within the meetings industry. The Paris Project will deliver: 1. The establishment of the Paris Project panel (academic/industry) to oversee: the development of a case study framework; the connection of participating JMIC members with academic partners; and the provision of feedback on the “rigor” of the work submitted; 2. A methodological framework that may include both qualitative and quantitative elements; and 3. A set of case studies and an aggregated report that documents the achievement of outcomes using defined, accepted measures. The Paris Project will capture 12 case studies across a diverse range of industry sectors that are key to participating destination economies. Case studies will be drawn from nominations made by JMIC members. Case study data collection and reporting will be resourced by participating JMIC members and coordinated through JMIC. The Paris Project panel will assist in finding academic partners for participating convention bureaux.


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Keywords: legacy, innovation, collaboration, knowledge economy

FOR Codes: Tourism, Commercial Services and Tourism