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Exploration of the wellbeing of international students in the City of Sydney

Funding or Partner Organisation: The Council of the City of Sydney (City of Sydney)

Start year: 2016

Summary: The City of Sydney is undertaking an exploration of the wellbeing of international students in the local area. This research will investigate perceptions of wellbeing amongst international students living, studying, and/or working in the local area. Specifically, the City wishes to explore in depth those factors which contribute to the wellbeing of international students, and those factors that deter it. The wellbeing of international students has been identified by the City as a key priority area both culturally and economically. The City of Sydney Local Government Area (LGA) is host to more international students than any other LGA in Australia, with over 35,000 international students studying in the City. Given the significance of this contribution to Sydney’s economy, the City is keen to ensure it has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of international students, to ensure that their wellbeing is given high priority, that they have access to relevant support networks and that they leave as ambassadors for Sydney as a safe and rewarding studying experience. One of the key outcomes of the project for the City will be data that can be used to develop policy and practices that will inform present programs and initiatives such as the International Education Provider Forum and the International Student Leadership & Ambassador Program, and will thereby contribute to the increased wellbeing of international students residing in the City’s LGA. The Centre will utilize a variety of engagement methods with a wide range of key Council stakeholders and use a variety of data collection methods including an online survey and semi-structured in-depth interviews.


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Keywords: community engagement, international students, local government, international student wellbeing, economic benefit of international students

FOR Codes: Social Policy, Law, Politics and Community Services not elsewhere classified, Other law, politics and community services not elsewhere classified