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Vision of 2025 research project - Civica Solutions

Project Member(s): Bruce, S.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Civica Solutions Pty Ltd

Start year: 2015

Summary: Civica, a market leader in software and business process services, has engaged UTS:CLG to provide research and workshop facilitation for their "changing landscape for local government' initiative that is designed to engage customers, industry stakeholders and commentators in the debate around the future decade for local government. Through survey research data and two roundtables held in Wellington and Melbourne, the project identifies key issues that Australian and New Zealand local government executives face in the current environment and help to articulate a vision for the future of local government administration and the citizens they serve. Our survey asked senior leaders in local government across Australia and New Zealand their vision for 2025. We were interested in their perspective on: • What will characterise the citizens of 2025? • How will citizens interact with local councils? • What changes to the local government sector will occur? • How will current councils transition to the local council of 2025? The roundtables gained further qualitative responses to further explore perspectives on and outline the short to long term goals for local government in the following areas: • Responding to needs of changing citizens • Partnerships with service providers • Working with technology • Role of senior management and culture of councils


Hanckel, B, Bruce, S & Ryan, R Civica 2016, The Changing Landscape for delivering services: Co-design; different ideas from a different voice.

Ryan, R, Bruce, S, Wortley, L & Gamage, S UTS Centre for Local Government 2015, The changing landscape for local government: A vision for 2025, pp. 1-26, University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Keywords: local government strategic planning

FOR Codes: Public Administration, Public Services Policy Advice and Analysis