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Youth Mental Health Education for Education and Health Professionals in Guangxi, China

Project Member(s): Lam, L.

Funding or Partner Organisation: The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT - Australia-China Council)

Start year: 2016

Summary: This is a collaborative project among the Faculty of Health, the Graduate School of Health, and the Guangxi Medical University, China. The aim of the project is to introduce the Mental Health First Aid program to the Education and Health area of the Guangxi Province of China through the youth mental health education training in Guangxi. The training program is developed in Australia and will be provided through a well-recognised mental health professional body in Hong Kong, the Mental Health Association Hong Kong (MHAHK). The MHAHK is an accredited body that is qualified to deliver the Mental Health First Aid program in the East Asian Region. It is also the only accredited body to deliver the program in Hong Kong and the southern part of China. A project team consisting of three members including myself as the project leader, Prof. Li Yang, the Assoc Dean of the Public Health Division of the Guangxi Medical University, and Ms Prudence Wong, the Senior Manager of Service Delivery MHAHK, will be formed to implement the project. The project involves the following key activities: Pre-training program planning stage: the project team will develop the operational plan, logistics, and budget for the training program Training program stage: about 200-300 senior education and health professionals, mainly senior school teachers will be recruited and invited to participate in training programs. A pre-and-post assessment and a focus group interview will be conducted. Post-training stage: a formal program evaluation will be conducted by the project team making use of the information collected from the pre-and-post assessment, as well as data gathered from the focus group interview. A report will be produced for the funding body and findings will be presented to both institutes and released to the public via appropriate media channels in Australia and China.

FOR Codes: Mental Health, Health Education and Promotion