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The Algae Prototype Panel (APP) Project

Project Member(s): Wilkinson, S., Ralph, P., Stoller, P.

Funding or Partner Organisation: The Council of the City of Sydney (City of Sydney)
The Council of the City of Sydney (City of Sydney)
Lend Lease
Arup Australia Pty Ltd (Arup Pty Ltd)

Start year: 2017


Wilkinson, SJ, Ralph, PJ & Biloria, N 2020, 'Algae Building: Is This the New Smart Sustainable Technology?' in Biloria, N (ed), Data-driven Multivalence in the Built Environment, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, pp. 245-266.
View/Download from: Publisher's site

Wilkinson, S, Biloria, N & Ralph, P 2020, 'The technical issues associated with algae building technology', International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation, vol. 38, no. 5, pp. 673-688.
View/Download from: Publisher's site

Pegrum, A, 'Ian Potter Conservatory Design Competition and Exhibition, Australian National Botanic Gardens', Australian National Botanic Gardens.

FOR Codes: Environmental Engineering Design, Environmental Engineering Modelling, Environmental Technologies, Environmentally Sustainable Energy Activities not elsewhere classified, Production of Biofuels (Biomass), Environmental engineering, Air pollution modelling and control, Environmentally sustainable engineering