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Establishing a new paradigm in cell division: Dual FtsZs in archaea

Funding: 2016: $85,050
2017: $170,100
2018: $170,100
2019: $170,100
2020: $85,050

Project Member(s): Duggin, I.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Future Fellowships)
Australian Research Council (ARC Future Fellowships)

Start year: 2017


Rudolph, CJ, Corocher, T, Grainge, I & Duggin, IG 2019, 'Termination ofDNAReplication in Prokaryotes' in eLS, Wiley, USA, pp. 1-15.
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Samson, RY, Duggin, IG & Bell, SD 2019, 'Analysis of the Archaeal ESCRT Apparatus' in Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer New York, pp. 1-11.
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Walsh, JC, Angstmann, CN, Bisson‐Filho, AW, Garner, EC, Duggin, IG & Curmi, PMG 2019, 'Division plane placement in pleomorphic archaea is dynamically coupled to cell shape', Molecular Microbiology, vol. 112, no. 3, pp. 785-799.
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Abdul Halim, MF, Rodriguez, R, Stoltzfus, JD, Duggin, IG & Pohlschroder, M 2018, 'Conserved residues are critical for Haloferax volcanii archaeosortase catalytic activity: Implications for convergent evolution of the catalytic mechanisms of non‐homologous sortases from archaea and bacteria', Molecular Microbiology, vol. 108, no. 3, pp. 276-287.
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Liao, Y, Ithurbide, S, de Silva, RT, Erdmann, S & Duggin, IG 2018, 'Archaeal cell biology: diverse functions of tubulin-like cytoskeletal proteins at the cell envelope', Emerging Topics in Life Sciences, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 547-559.
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Mediati, DG, Burke, CM, Ansari, S, Harry, EJ & Duggin, IG 2018, 'High-throughput sequencing of sorted expression libraries reveals inhibitors of bacterial cell division', BMC Genomics, vol. 19, no. 1.
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Aylett, CHS & Duggin, IG 2017, 'The Tubulin Superfamily in Archaea' in Prokaryotic Cytoskeletons, Springer International Publishing, Germany, pp. 393-417.
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FOR Codes: Microbiology not elsewhere classified, Structural Biology (incl. Macromolecular Modelling), Microbial Genetics, Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences, Microbial genetics