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Acoustic design innovations for managing motorway traffic noise by cancellation and transformation

Funding or Partner Organisation: Transurban Ltd (Transurban)
Transurban Ltd (Transurban)

Start year: 2016


Zhao, S, Qiu, X, Lacey, J & Maisch, S 2019, 'Configuring fixed-coefficient active control systems for traffic noise reduction', Building and Environment, vol. 149, pp. 415-427.
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Wu, L, Qiu, X & Guo, Y 2018, 'A generalized leaky FxLMS algorithm for tuning the waterbed effect of feedback active noise control systems', Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol. 106, pp. 13-23.
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FOR Codes: Acoustics and Noise Control (excl. Architectural Acoustics), Management of Noise and Vibration from Transport Activities