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Novel purification strategies for materials fabricated by electron-induced deposition.

Project Member(s): Lobo, C.

Funding or Partner Organisation: DAAD Germany (UA DAAD)
DAAD Germany (UA DAAD)

Start year: 2017


Walia, S, Balendhran, S, Ahmed, T, Singh, M, El-Badawi, C, Brennan, MD, Weerathunge, P, Karim, MN, Rahman, F, Rassell, A, Duckworth, J, Ramanathan, R, Collis, GE, Lobo, CJ, Toth, M, Kotsakidis, JC, Weber, B, Fuhrer, M, Dominguez-Vera, JM, Spencer, MJS, Aharonovich, I, Sriram, S, Bhaskaran, M & Bansal, V 2017, 'Black Phosphorus: Ambient Protection of Few-Layer Black Phosphorus via Sequestration of Reactive Oxygen Species (Adv. Mater. 27/2017)', Advanced Materials, vol. 29, no. 27.
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FOR Codes: Nanoscale Characterisation, Functional Materials, Nanomaterials, Expanding Knowledge in the Physical Sciences, Expanding Knowledge in Engineering