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A low energy gravity fed membrane adsorption system for arsenic and bacteria removal from groundwater in developing countries

Project Member(s): Vigneswaran, S., Nguyen, T.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Google (Google Global Impact Challenge (AU))
Google (Google Global Impact Challenge (AU))

Start year: 2017

Summary: Globally, over 137 million people are exposed to drinking water contaminated with arsenic, posing a significant threat to public health. The University of Technology Sydney has created a new filtration system that is low-cost, easy to operate, built using locally sourced materials and operates using renewable energy. To date, it is the only sustainable system available that is able to provide arsenic-free water and manage the arsenic residues produced during the filtration process. The program will be piloted in the Red River Delta, in the Vietnamese districts of Kim Bang and Dan Phuong. With the filtrations systems in place, residents will be able to filter groundwater for clean, safe drinking water. The project aims to provide a model for millions of people worldwide who consume contaminated water


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FOR Codes: Land and Water Management of environments not elsewhere classified, Urban and Industrial Water Management, Environmental Technologies