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Deciphering How Bacteria Form a Dormant Cell Type

Project Member(s): Rodrigues, C.

Start year: 2017


Hajduk, IV, Mann, R, Rodrigues, CDA & Harry, EJ 2019, 'The ParB homologs, Spo0J and Noc, together prevent premature midcell Z ring assembly when the early stages of replication are blocked in Bacillus subtilis.', Molecular microbiology, vol. 112, no. 3, pp. 766-784.
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Morlot, C & Rodrigues, CDA 2018, 'The New Kid on the Block: A Specialized Secretion System during Bacterial Sporulation', TRENDS IN MICROBIOLOGY, vol. 26, no. 8, pp. 663-676.
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Ramírez-Guadiana, FH, Rodrigues, CDA, Marquis, KA, Campo, N, Barajas-Ornelas, RDC, Brock, K, Marks, DS, Kruse, AC & Rudner, DZ 2018, 'Evidence that regulation of intramembrane proteolysis is mediated by substrate gating during sporulation in Bacillus subtilis.', PLoS genetics, vol. 14, no. 11.
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Trouve, J, Mohamed, A, Leisico, F, Contreras-Martel, C, Liu, B, Mas, C, Rudner, DZ, Rodrigues, CDA & Morlot, C 2018, 'Structural characterization of the sporulation protein GerM from Bacillus subtilis.', Journal of structural biology, vol. 204, no. 3, pp. 481-490.
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FOR Codes: Expanding Knowledge in the Biological Sciences, Expanding Knowledge in Technology, Bacteriology, Microbial Genetics