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Sustainable Utilization of Hypersaline Oil-Produced Water for Green Energy Production

Project Member(s): Shon, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Qatar Foundation (Qatar national Research Fund)
Qatar Foundation (Qatar national Research Fund)

Start year: 2018



Gonzales, RR, Yang, Y, Park, MJ, Bae, T-H, Abdel-Wahab, A, Phuntsho, S & Shon, HK 2020, 'Enhanced water permeability and osmotic power generation with sulfonate-functionalized porous polymer-incorporated thin film nanocomposite membranes', Desalination, vol. 496, pp. 114756-114756.
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Manzoor, H, Selam, MA, Adham, S, Shon, HK, Castier, M & Abdel-Wahab, A 2020, 'Energy recovery modeling of pressure-retarded osmosis systems with membrane modules compatible with high salinity draw streams', Desalination, vol. 493, pp. 114624-114624.
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Gonzales, RR, Park, MJ, Bae, T-H, Yang, Y, Abdel-Wahab, A, Phuntsho, S & Shon, HK 2019, 'Melamine-based covalent organic framework-incorporated thin film nanocomposite membrane for enhanced osmotic power generation', Desalination, vol. 459, pp. 10-19.
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Park, MJ, Lim, S, Gonzales, RR, Phuntsho, S, Han, DS, Abdel-Wahab, A, Adham, S & Shon, HK 2019, 'Thin-film composite hollow fiber membranes incorporated with graphene oxide in polyethersulfone support layers for enhanced osmotic power density', Desalination, vol. 464, pp. 63-75.
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Gonzales, R, Park, M, Tijing, L, Han, D, Phuntsho, S & Shon, H 2018, 'Modification of Nanofiber Support Layer for Thin Film Composite Forward Osmosis Membranes via Layer-by-Layer Polyelectrolyte Deposition', Membranes, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 70-70.
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FOR Codes: Water Recycling Services (incl. Sewage and Greywater), Membrane and Separation Technologies, Separation┬┐┬┐technologies