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Using quantum artificial intelligence to bootstrap a quantum computer

Funding: 2017: $123,871
2018: $120,000
2019: $120,000
2017: $123,871
2018: $120,000
2019: $120,000

Project Member(s): Ferrie, C.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC DECRA Scheme)
Australian Research Council (ARC DECRA Scheme)

Start year: 2017


Harper, R, Hincks, I, Ferrie, C, Flammia, ST & Wallman, JJ 2019, 'Statistical analysis of randomized benchmarking', Physical Review A, vol. 99, no. 5.
View/Download from: Publisher's site

Quadeer, M, Tomamichel, M & Ferrie, C 2019, 'Minimax quantum state estimation under Bregman divergence', Quantum, vol. 3, pp. 126-126.
View/Download from: UTS OPUS or Publisher's site

Youssry, A, Ferrie, C & Tomamichel, M 2018, 'Efficient online quantum state estimation using a matrix-exponentiated gradient method'.

FOR Codes: Quantum Information, Computation and Communication, Expanding Knowledge in the Physical Sciences