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Wearable Realtime Localisation and Dosimeter Device

Project Member(s): Dutkiewicz, E., Yang, Y.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Suzhou Minor Fish Technology Co Ltd
Suzhou Minor Fish Technology Co Ltd

Start year: 2017


Zhu, J, Chu, C-H, Deng, L, Zhang, C, Yang, Y & Li, S 2018, 'mm-Wave High Gain Cavity-Backed Aperture-Coupled Patch Antenna Array', IEEE Access, vol. 6, pp. 44050-44058.
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Karmakar, NC, Yang, Y & Rahim, A 2017, Microwave Sleep Apnoea Monitoring, Springer, Germany.
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Wang, H, Nguyen, DN, Dutkiewicz, E, Fang, G & Mueck, MD 2017, 'Negotiable Auction Based on Mixed Graph: A Novel Spectrum Sharing Framework', IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking, vol. 3, no. 3, pp. 390-403.
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FOR Codes: Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Health and Support Services, Electronic sensors, Evaluation of health and support services, Provision of health and support services