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Hybrid supercapacitors with high energy and power densities for rail industry applications

Project Member(s): Wang, G., Liu, H., Su, D., Sun, B., Cortie, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Rail Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (RMCRC) (Railway Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre Ltd)
Rail Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (RMCRC) (Railway Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre Ltd)
Shenzhen HEC Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (HEC Group)

Start year: 2018

Summary: This project will develop advanced hybrid supercapacitors for the rail industry. The as-developed hybrid supercapacitors and sophisticated supercapacitor management system will have important applications in the rail industry, including braking energy recuperation for grid voltage stabilization, assisted propulsion, and locomotive engine starting and assisted starting of light rail vehicles. The new hybrid supercapacitor technology will significantly enhance HEC's capability to contribute to the Australian Rail Manufacturing Industry to be competitive in the global marketplace by providing its expertise in scale-up and applications development and as a supplier of innovative power source solutions to rail manufacturers in Australia.


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FOR Codes: Energy Storage (excl. Hydrogen), Materials Engineering not elsewhere classified, Materials engineering not elsewhere classified , Energy storage (excl. hydrogen and batteries)