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Simulating complexity: ultrastrong interactions in superconducting circuits (FT170100399)

Funding: 2021: $96,000
2017: $96,000
2018: $192,000
2019: $192,000
2020: $192,000
2018: $295,243
2019: $192,000
2020: $192,000
2021: $96,000

Project Member(s): Langford, N.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Research Council (ARC Future Fellowships)
Australian Research Council (ARC Future Fellowships)

Start year: 2017


Kounalakis, M, Dickel, C, Bruno, A, Langford, NK & Steele, GA 2018, 'Tuneable hopping and nonlinear cross-Kerr interactions in a high-coherence superconducting circuit', npj Quantum Information, vol. 4, no. 1.
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FOR Codes: Quantum Information, Computation and Communication, Quantum Optics, Electronic and Magnetic Properties of Condensed Matter; Superconductivity, Expanding Knowledge in the Physical Sciences, Expanding Knowledge in Engineering, Quantum optics and quantum optomechanics, Quantum information, computation and communication