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Understanding why in-utero exposure to inhaled oxidants predispose people to develop asthma and COPD

Project Member(s): Oliver, B., Chen, H., Faiz, A.

Funding or Partner Organisation: National Health & Medical Research Council (National Health Medical Research Council)
National Health & Medical Research Council (National Health Medical Research Council)

Start year: 2019


Wang, B, Chen, H, Chan, YL, Wang, G & Oliver, BG 2020, 'Why Do Intrauterine Exposure to Air Pollution and Cigarette Smoke Increase the Risk of Asthma?', FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, vol. 8.
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Zakarya, R, Sapkota, A, Chan, YL, Shah, J, Saad, S, Bottle, SE, Oliver, BG, Gorrie, CA & Chen, H 2020, 'Nitroxides affect neurological deficits and lesion size induced by a rat model of traumatic brain injury', NITRIC OXIDE-BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY, vol. 97, pp. 57-65.
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Bozier, J, Rutting, S, Xenaki, D, Peters, M, Adcock, I & Oliver, BG 2019, 'Heightened response to e-cigarettes in COPD.', ERJ open research, vol. 5, no. 1.
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Chan, YL, Wang, B, Chen, H, Ho, KF, Cao, J, Hai, G, Jalaludin, B, Herbert, C, Thomas, PS, Saad, S & Oliver, BGG 2019, 'Pulmonary inflammation induced by low-dose particulate matter exposure in mice.', American journal of physiology. Lung cellular and molecular physiology, vol. 317, no. 3, pp. L424-L430.
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FOR Codes: Cell Development, Proliferation and Death, Respiratory System and Diseases (incl. Asthma)