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A Novel Non-GPS Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Solution for Reconnaissance Missions

Project Member(s): Huang, X., Dutkiewicz, E., Franklin, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: NSW Department of Industry (NSW Defence Innovation Network)
NSW Department of Industry (NSW Defence Innovation Network)

Start year: 2019

Summary: This project aims to address the challenge that SOCOMD (and the Australian army as well as other civilian areas, such as fishing industry and autonomous transportation systems) is currently facing, namely positioning, navigation and timing without using GPS. The project proposes a novel solution by investigating i) the capability of combining existing RF signals (e.g., WiFi, LTE, television or radio broadcasting, ultrasonic signals) used as RF beacons for non-GPS navigation and positioning; ii) various weighted combinations of existing navigation and positioning techniques, e.g., TDOA, AOA, RSSI, differential Doppler and time reversal, to optimise the localisation precision and accuracy of the RF solution; iii) transmission and deployment techniques of RF beacon signals if the existing RF signals are unavailable or unusable; iv) a new image-based approach to navigation and localisation using deep learning and convolutional neural networks to improve the accuracy; and v) the simplified Network Timing Protocol (NTP) for nodes to retrieve accurate local time.

FOR Codes: Expanding Knowledge in the Information and Computing Sciences, Emerging Defence Technologies, Network Infrastructure Equipment, Signal Processing, Antennas and Propagation, Microwave and Millimetrewave Theory and Technology