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Innovative Vibration Isolation Unit with Quasi-Zero Dynamic Stiffness

Project Member(s): Ji, J., Brown, T.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Coal services health and safety trust
Coal services health and safety trust

Start year: 2018


Ye, K, Ji, JC & Brown, T 2020, 'Design of a quasi-zero stiffness isolation system for supporting different loads', Journal of Sound and Vibration, vol. 471, pp. 115198-115198.
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Yin, S, Ji, J, Deng, S & Wen, G 2018, 'Neimark-Sacker Bifurcations Near Degenerate Grazing Point in a Two Degree-of-Freedom Impact Oscillator', Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics, vol. 13, no. 11.
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FOR Codes: Dynamics, Vibration and Vibration Control, Mining Machinery and Equipment, Dynamics, vibration and vibration control, Industrial machinery and equipment