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Application of membrane distillation (MD) pilot site at the Middle East site and technological development

Project Member(s): Tijing, L., Shon, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation (Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement)
Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation (Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement)

Start year: 2018

Summary: 190,000,000 South Korean Won awarded = 231,941 AUD (XE 13/06/18)


Min, C, Kim, JE, Shon, HK & Kim, S-H 2022, 'Low energy resonance vibration submerged membrane system for microalgae harvesting: Performance and feasibility', Desalination, vol. 539, pp. 115895-115895.
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Han, DS, Solayman, KMD, Shon, HK & Abdel-Wahab, A 2021, 'Pyrite (FeS2)-supported ultrafiltration system for removal of mercury (II) from water', Emergent Materials, vol. 4, no. 5, pp. 1441-1453.
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Woo, YC, Yao, M, Shim, W-G, Kim, Y, Tijing, LD, Jung, B, Kim, S-H & Shon, HK 2021, 'Co-axially electrospun superhydrophobic nanofiber membranes with 3D-hierarchically structured surface for desalination by long-term membrane distillation', Journal of Membrane Science, vol. 623, pp. 119028-119028.
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Yao, M, Tijing, LD, Naidu, G, Kim, S-H, Matsuyama, H, Fane, AG & Shon, HK 2020, 'A review of membrane wettability for the treatment of saline water deploying membrane distillation', Desalination, vol. 479, pp. 114312-114312.
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FOR Codes: Water Treatment Processes, Physical and Chemical Conditions of Water for Urban and Industrial Use, Measurement and assessment of freshwater quality (incl. physical and chemical conditions of water) , Measurement and assessment of estuarine water quality