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The GreePRO: Harnessing energy from concentrated fertiliser solutions during irrigation

Project Member(s): Phuntsho, S., Shon, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Mitsui Chemicals, Inc (Mitsui Chemicals)
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc (Mitsui Chemicals)

Start year: 2019


Elmakki, T, Zavahir, S, Gulied, M, Qiblawey, H, Hammadi, B, Khraisheh, M, Shon, HK, Park, H & Han, DS 2023, 'Potential application of hybrid reverse electrodialysis (RED)-forward osmosis (FO) system to fertilizer-producing industrial plant for efficient water reuse', Desalination, vol. 550, pp. 116374-116374.
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Park, MJ, Lim, S, Gonzales, RR, Phuntsho, S, Han, DS, Abdel-Wahab, A, Adham, S & Shon, HK 2019, 'Thin-film composite hollow fiber membranes incorporated with graphene oxide in polyethersulfone support layers for enhanced osmotic power density', Desalination, vol. 464, pp. 63-75.
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FOR Codes: Energy Generation, Conversion and Storage Engineering, Membrane and Separation Technologies, Energy Storage, Distribution and Supply not elsewhere classified, Water Transport not elsewhere classified, Separation┬┐┬┐technologies, Energy generation, conversion and storage (excl. chemical and electrical), Energy storage, distribution and supply, Water transport