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AI Enhanced Life Insurance Underwriting System and Insights of Mental Health

Project Member(s): Xu, G., Blumenstein, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: ANZ Banking Group Limited
ANZ Banking Group Limited

Start year: 2019


Biddle, R, Liu, S & Xu, G 1970, 'Semi-Supervised Soft K-means Clustering of Life Insurance Questionnaire Responses', 2018 5TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BEHAVIORAL, ECONOMIC, AND SOCIO-CULTURAL COMPUTING (BESC), 5th International Conference on Behavioral, Economic, and Socio-Cultural Computing (BESC), IEEE, PEOPLES R CHINA, Natl Univ Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung, pp. 30-31.
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FOR Codes: Application Tools and System Utilities, Pattern Recognition and Data Mining, Applications in health, Knowledge representation and reasoning, Information systems, technologies and services not elsewhere classified