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Risks from blue-green algal blooms; monitoring emerging neurotoxins

Project Member(s): Bishop, D., Rodgers, K., Mitrovic, S.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Ian Potter Foundation (Ian Potter Foundation - Small Science Grant)
Ian Potter Foundation (Ian Potter Foundation - Small Science Grant)

Start year: 2019


Violi, JP, Pu, L, Pravadali-Cekic, S, Bishop, DP, Phillips, CR & Rodgers, KJ 2023, 'Effects of the Toxic Non-Protein Amino Acid β-Methylamino-L-Alanine (BMAA) on Intracellular Amino Acid Levels in Neuroblastoma Cells', Toxins, vol. 15, no. 11, pp. 647-647.
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Violi, JP, Bishop, DP, Padula, MP, Steele, JR & Rodgers, KJ 2020, 'Considerations for amino acid analysis by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry: A tutorial review', TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry, vol. 131, pp. 116018-116018.
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FOR Codes: Environmental Chemistry (incl. Atmospheric Chemistry), Analytical Spectrometry, Separation Science, Environmental Monitoring, Ecosystem Assessment and Management of Fresh, Ground and Surface Water Environments, Expanding Knowledge in the Chemical Sciences, Environmental Health, Atmospheric composition, chemistry and processes, Separation science , Pollution and contamination, Public health (excl. specific population health), EXPANDING KNOWLEDGE, Marine systems and management