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Childhood cancer from the inside out: using virtual reality to create certainty in clinical decisions using complex Genomics

Project Member(s): Kennedy, P., Catchpoole, D., Johnston, A.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Tour de Cure Ltd (Sony and Tour de Cure Virtual Reality Project 2018/2019)
Tour de Cure Ltd (Sony and Tour de Cure Virtual Reality Project 2018/2019)

Start year: 2019


Maus Esfahani, N, Catchpoole, D, Khan, J & Kennedy, PJ 2021, 'MCKAT: a multi-dimensional copy number variant kernel association test', BMC Bioinformatics, vol. 22, no. 1, p. 588.
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Mayoh, C, Gifford, AJ, Terry, R, Lau, LMS, Wong, M, Rao, P, Shai-Hee, T, Saletta, F, Khuong-Quang, D-A, Qin, V, Mateos, MK, Meyran, D, Miller, KE, Yuksel, A, Mould, EVA, Bowen-James, R, Govender, D, Senapati, A, Zhukova, N, Omer, N, Dholaria, H, Alvaro, F, Tapp, H, Diamond, Y, Pozza, LD, Moore, AS, Nicholls, W, Gottardo, NG, McCowage, G, Hansford, JR, Khaw, S-L, Wood, PJ, Catchpoole, D, Cottrell, CE, Mardis, ER, Marshall, GM, Tyrrell, V, Haber, M, Ziegler, DS, Vittorio, O, Trapani, JA, Cowley, MJ, Neeson, PJ & Ekert, PG, 'A novel transcriptional signature identifies T-cell infiltration in high-risk paediatric cancer', Genome Medicine, vol. 15, no. 1.
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FOR Codes: Genomics, Modelling and simulation, Simulation and Modelling, Cancer Diagnosis, Computer Gaming Software, Visual Communication, Expanding Knowledge in the Medical and Health Sciences, Expanding knowledge in the health sciences, Animation, video games and computer generated imagery services