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UTS Rapido Vietnam: Water Systems with Industry 4.0 Technology Implementation to Enable Sustainable Communities in Red River Delta and Phu Yen

Project Member(s): Dutkiewicz, E., Nguyen, D., Nghiem, D., Vigneswaran, S., Nguyen, T., Dinh, H., Pham, T.

Funding or Partner Organisation: The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Aus4innovation)
The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Aus4innovation)

Start year: 2019


Nguyen, TH, Ryu, S, Loganathan, P, Kandasamy, J, Nguyen, TV & Vigneswaran, S 2022, 'Arsenic adsorption by low-cost laterite column: Long-term experiments and dynamic column modeling', Process Safety and Environmental Protection, vol. 160, pp. 868-875.
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Nguyen, TH, Tran, HN, Nguyen, TV, Vigneswaran, S, Trinh, VT, Nguyen, TD, Ha Nguyen, TH, Mai, TN & Chao, H-P 2022, 'Single-step removal of arsenite ions from water through oxidation-coupled adsorption using Mn/Mg/Fe layered double hydroxide as catalyst and adsorbent', Chemosphere, vol. 295, pp. 133370-133370.
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Duong, HC, Tran, LTT, Vu, MT, Nguyen, D, Tran, NTV & Nghiem, LD 2021, 'A new perspective on small-scale treatment systems for arsenic affected groundwater', Environmental Technology & Innovation, vol. 23, pp. 101780-101780.
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FOR Codes: Environmental Management Systems, Data Structures, Networking and Communications, Database Management, Environmental Technologies, Data models, storage and indexing, Database systems, Environmentally sustainable engineering , Other environmental management not elsewhere classified